Our Team

Paulo Carvalho

Quality and Product Control

Paulo is just a nice soul. Up till now, he can’t let any dog or cat pass by without trying to pet it. With a unique eye for detail, Paulo is responsible to maintain the quality of our products, visit and maintain the relationship with our talented artisans and keep our high standard products on the road!

Liza Zuberi

Marketing and Social Media

Liza is our Swiss sunshine! Growing up without the ocean she feels amazing being on an island. With her background, she is the best in understanding new trends and how to transmit our vision. She is the reason why you heard about us and why you are having a look at our small cozy Market right now.

Sara Pontes

Design and Branding

Sara is too sweet to be true! Always with a smile on her face and a positive mindset, she will always turn our team’s day into a brighter day. With her creative mind, she is responsible for the Branding and Design of Sasak Market and she is making sure to turn our brand’s vision into a reality.

Tiago Gomes

Finances and Operations

Tiago is the ocean kid. If he had a slogan it would be “salty hair and board shorts is all you need”. He likes to clear his mind while surfing before filling his head with the next steps for Sasak Market. He loves to get lost in Excel and find his way out with solutions that bring us all towards our goals. His visions are big and motivate us as a team.

Our team keeps growing...

It's impossible to share our team with you, without sharing the amazing artisans we work with.

We work with more than 15 artisans and they are the most important part of our team!

It's our goal to make sure our team keeps growing!

Product showcase
Product showcase
Product showcase


We are more than happy to answer to your questions and hear your suggestions. 

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