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10 Sustainable Gift Ideas for your Valentine’s Day

Choosing what to offer on Valentine’s Day can be a real struggle for many of us. I can share with you that every year I spend days and days thinking about what to offer to Liza. To make it worse, this year’s pandemic is narrowing down the options even more.

I believe that our Sustainable Gift Ideas will help you find some inspiration for this year’s Valentine’s Day.


You cannot go wrong when you bring a new plant home! If you and your partner love nature and are not ready to get a baby or a dog yet, why not a plant?



Netflix is the easiest option but there are so many nice subscriptions out there that your partner will love! Improve your health with some yoga online classes or a Gym subscription.



A New Skill

Does your partner want to learn a new skill? Maybe Painting, Gardening or even Campervan Building? Everything is possible.
I recommend checking



A Thoughtful Gift

Our Eco Starter Kit is just the perfect example of sustainable gift you can offer your loved one, and still consider sustainability.
Bring something home that you will use and that will support our planet.

 Sustainable Valentine Gift


Sustainable Box

It’s always a safe idea leaving the wrapping and boxing to the experts.
The Box Trend has the nicest boxes ever. I am sure you will find something perfect for your soulmate.




Make your own present at home. Cook some vegan cookies or make your own coconut oil. Maybe treat your partner with a nice massage using the coconut oil that you made yourself.
Check out our blog to know How to make your own coconut oil at home.

Coconut Oil Blog

Personalized Gift

You can make your own personalized gift. Use some materials you have at home or that you find in your hometown. A personalized wine bottle, or my favorite, a personalized travel fund.


Sustainable Gift Personalized


Travel Experience

Last year, like almost every year, I was really confused trying to figure out what to offer to Liza. So I decided to create a travel gift by preparing some activities that we would do on a small trip around the country.
I prepared 50 on a budget activities and fun challenges that we would do during our travels.
The best thing is that we could both appreciate this gift 😁
Check https://www.travel-challenges.com

Travel Challenges

Fun Activity Together

Usually I would book an event, a concert or a festival as a Valentine’s Gift. But this year, it is not possible
So I thought that instead I would book an activity we could both do together. Why not booking a dance lesson, a cooking class or even a scavenger hunt? If you get the chance, do a beach clean up together.

Cooking Sustainable

Romantic Dinner

Me and Liza love to cook together! We usually open a bottle of wine and have fun while preparing something new. 
Of course we recommend having some nice Poke Bowls or Buddah bowls. Check out our blog about Coconut Bowl Ideas for some inspiration.

Coconut Bowl Vegan

Plant a Tree or a Coral

Last year, Liza offered me a coral as a gift! It was such a nice and beautiful surprise. She offered me a certificate and the geolocation of my own coral.
We are not only helping our planet, as we have now a new mission in our life. Being able to travel to the place where my own coral was planted and see it with our own eyes.
You can choose to plant a coral like Liza did, you can find a tree planting organization or simply get your hands dirty and plant a tree on a park nearby.



Coral Lombok


Let me know what was the last Valentine's Day gift you offered your loved one and share any other great idea with us!

Leave your thoughts in the comment box.


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