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Macrame Fruit Hammock - Kitchen
Macrame Fruit Hammock - Kitchen  Edit alt text
Macrame Fruit Hammock - Kitchen  Edit alt text
Macrame Fruit Hammock - Kitchen  Edit alt text
Macrame Fruit Hammock - Kitchen  Edit alt text

Macrame Fruit Hammock

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Eating 5 fruits a day? No problem, when they are literally hanging in front of you! Hang your macrame fruit hammock underneath your cupboard and store your fruits right in front of your eyes. You will not forget to get those daily vitamins anymore. Get this extra storage for your fruits and safe some space on the

*Please be aware that every item is handmade by artisans from natural resources. This means every piece is unique and small irregularities can occur.

• Includes 4 metal hooks
• Material: 100% Cotton
• Melinjo wooden sticks
• Size: 35 x 46cm
• Handmade

Care Instructions:
In case you need to wash your fruit hammock, hand wash the cotton with lukewarm water and some detergent.
Macrame Artisan Sasak Market

Dicky is our macrame sunshine. The pandemic forced him to stop working as a tour guide. In June 2020 he started his own small business of macrame products. Since then we have worked with Dicky and we are very happy to keep producing new Products with him and his team.

He has a small family with two little daughters. He says that his dream is to grow and include more people that want to work with him. He truly does an amazing job, introducing more and more people to the art of macrame.

As he says “Art is my blood”.


Numa época em que o turismo não existe, o povo Sasak da Ilha de Lombok, na Indonésia, está a passar por momentos difíceis.
O sua principal fonte de rendimento vem da venda dos seus artesanatos aos turistas. Durante a era COVID-19 em que vivemos, estas comunidades não têm mais rendimento.
O objetivo do Sasak Market é ajudá-los a vender os seus produtos autênticos online.

A cada compra que faz, está a apoiar as comunidades locais de artesãos de Lombok.