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Make your space
and the world a better place

We will find a solution for your business!

We are always very happy and excited to know that more and more businesses are adopting a sustainable mindset and promoting it with their clients.

That is why we will make sure to find the right solution for your business!

We can provide you with daily kitchen accessories, bars and restaurants supplies, home decor or even hygiene products.

We are sure that we will have exactly what you are searching for!

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Product image

Customize your products!

We know that your brand is important for you and your clients should see it everywhere!

That is why we have branding options on most of our products.

Our team will make sure that your brand will fit perfect!

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100 % plastic-free products

All our products are 100% plastic-free and 100% chemical-free!

We make sure that every single one of our producers uses sustainable resources and nothing else!

That is why all our products are the perfect alternative to single-use plastic.

Find out more about the materials we use here

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Product image

Ethically produced.

All our products are produced by people that we know and we love working with!

We work either with small talented artisans or with communities of people from small villages where every purchase makes a difference. 

We choose to help the ones that need the most rather than supporting mass production suppliers.

See our brand video here and get to know the people you are supporting with every purchase.

Fair prices!

We make sure that every product goes through an ethical and small chain of people and that is why we will always have the cheapest prices possible!

We don't believe in high margins or expensive distributors. We believe in long-lasting relationships with partners that share the same values that we do.

Every shipping we make is optimised to make sure we have small footprint emissions and small costs at the same time.

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Product image

Library of photos.

Because we want to help you and make sure you only focus on your business, we will give you access to our Product Photo Library where you can download photos of the products you bought from us.

Over 200 product photos.

Please request the photos to have access.

If you’re looking for the best alternative to single-use plastics, then Sasak Market is the perfect partner.


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