Episode 3 - What if... we'd choose nature?

Episode 3 - What if... we'd choose nature?

On Black Friday week, choosing nature is revolutionary because by making this choice, we are undoubtedly contributing to a better world in every sense of the word: if we choose nature over anything else, we are contributing to a mindful, conscious consumption while empowering local economies and smaller business. 

Although retail multinationals often try to make this contribution, we should be aware that the global supply chains of these companies are responsible for nearly a fifth of carbon dioxide emissions. Black Friday initiatives all over the world do huge damage in building conscious consumerism.

By seducing us with bargain prices or incredible (supposed to be) promotions, we're doomed into a vortex of buying stuff we don't actually need, highlighting one of the ugly sides of consumption. It's easy, it's human and part of our culture, enhancing our sense of self by having, and belonging, by showing our possessions.

We're also surrounded by messages conveying the need to have, to buy and to embrace this opportunity to have something at a lower price. All have the same message: this will make us feel better, look better and make our life better. Or not, because at the end of the day we usually end up with something we didn't actually need. 

So this time, I'm inviting you to give yourself the gift of nature, shifting from unconscious to conscious consumption, asking yourself if you need it, if you'll use it and if your buying is helping someone. 




These are my buying principles and, I know, the principles of Sasak: helping a community of artisans, while embracing what nature can provide to create natural crafted goods and tools that will actually make your life better. As we bring nature into our homes, our lives improve with the gift of nature. 

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