Rattan Glass Charger - Sasak Market
Rattan Glass Charger - Sasak Market
Rattan Glass Charger - Sasak Market
Rattan Glass Charger - Sasak Market
Rattan Glass Charger - Sasak Market
Rattan Glass Charger - Sasak Market

Rattan Coaster

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3, 2, 1.. This is the exact time that it takes to make your table look stunning! You will not need much more than a classic Rattan Coaster and Placemat to create an impressive table setting. These Coasters and Placemats fit all year and immediately create a calm ambience. They are strong and durable. They can last a lifetime if you take good care of them. As a handmade classic it will get the attention of your guests for sure.

Rattan is a naturally renewable palm that grows in the tropical regions of Asia, and it's considered one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. When you take home one of our Rattan products, you are not only taking a beautiful and durable piece, you are also taking a small part of Lombok, supporting the environment and local communities.

*Please be aware that every item is handmade by artisans from natural resources. This means every piece is unique and small irregularities can occur.

• 100% Rattan and ata grass
• No toxins or chemicals added
• Size: Ø 10cm
• Handmade

Care Instructions:
Simply wipe with a wet cloth and let it air dry. If needed you can also use a brush to clean.
If you want to clean it, just use a brush with a little water, and then let it dry on the sun.

Rattan Artisan Sasak Market    Sasak Team and the Rattan Artisan
Awan lives with his family in the North of Lombok. With the Earthquake of August 2018 (eruption of the volcano Rinjani) their village was almost completely destroyed. The village is located only one hour away from Rinjani. Awan was working in the tourism industry before. After the earthquake he had to find another solution. So he and his family started to make Rattan products. They are a really small business. He mainly involves the women of the family since it’s a great additional work to do at home when they are with the kids. Depending on the orders they get, it’s up to ten women helping Awan produce.

He wishes to grow his Rattan business, that one day he can be part of the biggest asian crafts exhibition in Jakarta. He is building a small shop in his village with the hope tosell his products to local tourists. 

We hope with our orders we can help Awan finish building his little shop and that one day we will see his stand in the exhibition in Jakarta.

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In a time where Tourism is non-existing, the Sasak people of Lombok Island, Indonesia are going through tough times.
Their main income comes from selling their handmade arts to tourists. During the COVID-19 era that we are living, these villages have no income anymore.
The goal of Sasak Market is to help them sell their authentic handmade products online.

With every purchase you make, you are supporting the local communities of artisans of Lombok.


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