Coconut Bowl - Buddah - Sasak Market
Coconut Bowl - Buddah - Sasak Market
Coconut Bowl - Buddah - Sasak Market
Coconut Bowl - Buddah - Sasak Market

Coconut Bowl - Buddah

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Handcrafted by Indonesian artisans, from coconut shells discarded as waste.

100% Coconut
No Chemicals added

Our sustainable Buddha Coconut Bowl has a boho handcrafted pattern, perfect for a vegan smoothie bowl or a healthy buddha bowl! More sustainable than plastic bowls and more resistant than ceramic bowls are our bowls made from Coconut shells. Perfect for any household. Every bowl is very unique and handcrafted.

Don't put the Coconut Bowl in the freezer or in the Microwave since it might crack with extreme hot or cold temperatures.

By purchasing this product you are supporting the environment and local Indonesian communities. Please take note that all the products are handmade and small irregularities can appear.

Why our coconut products?

Coconuts are a gift from nature!
Change your home with purpose and sustainability.

With every purchase you are supporting the artisans from Indonesia during the hard times of COVID-19.

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Our coconut lovers

“I love the coconuts! Beautiful, fast shipping and perfect for me and my boyfriend. Exactly what I wanted! I will buy again.”


Marta Ramos

“The coconut hangers were exactly what I was i missing in my living room! It's amazing how good it looks and I love the natural summer vibe it brings to my home”


Diana Carvalho

“I just love their coconut bowls! I already bought from Sasak Market 3 times and I will keep doing it. The bowls are really strong and I love how they look! It was the perfect gift for my family.”


Julie Darmedru

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