How we source

Handmade Products.
Sustainable Resources.
Authentic People.

You might notice that sometimes there are some irregularities in our products.
Actually, that is our favorite feature of our products as it makes sure that every product is different and has its own personality. That happens because our products are made using the traditional methods and tools used for many generations. 

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Talented Artisans

It’s incredible how talented and skilled the Sasak people are! 

While you go through the streets of Lombok you will be easily inspired by the tents and small shops that shelter the artisans of the Island.
Using rustic and old fashioned tools, the artisans will show you on the spot how much work they put into each piece and how detailed every movement they make is.

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Island Resources

Indonesia is a tropical country and its resources go along with that.

Rich in fertile soils, it creates the perfect environment to grow natural materials such as coconuts, bamboo, and wood.
Our products are produced using only sustainable products that grow on the island and we make sure to use the traditional knowledge of Indonesia people and methods to grow and create our products.

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Generations of Experience

Want to hear a funny story?

In the village of Sukarara, Lombok, the tradition says that a woman cannot get married unless she can master the art of weaving a Boho Towel. This is a cultural teaching that has been passed through generations and proves how important and valuable it is for the Sasak people to keep producing their unique crafts. That is why we make sure to share this knowledge with the world.

Making sure everyone is happy.

How do we make it possible?


Gathering the resources

Every artisan uses resources that he can easily find in his village. There's no long transport necessary to gather the resources for the products. Making sure we reduce the CO2 emissions.


Product Manufature

The artisans will do what they do best!
Using the tools and processes passed through generations, they will turn the natural resources into masterpieces!


Quality- Control

That's our part!
We check every single piece to make sure it fits our standards! We know that quality is a requirement of our clients so we make sure it always happens.



After the quality is confirmed, we brand every product so we make sure that every piece has some extra personality!



During this process we do not had any plastic to our packages and we reuse old carton boxes, making sure to reduce waste as much as possible.


Arrival to your home

This is your part!
Just kindly receive the orders and make sure to treat them with love. The same love that all the artisans and people have to make sure all of this is possible.