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Why you should have a Coconut Bowl

Nowadays everyone is trying to live more sustainable and tries to make small steps into a more conscious living.

Having a Coconut Bowl will help you reach your goals.

We will give you 5 reasons why having a Coconut Bowl is the best way to go.

Co2 Emissions

After their water and meat are used, 99% of the coconuts shells are burned, being considered waste. We are speaking about millions of coconut shells per year. Fortunately, it's possible to reuse these coconut shells to create beautiful bowls, decreasing the emissions of CO2 to our environment.

You could use them forever

If you take care of your Coconut Bowl, repolishing it with some coconut oil after +/- 20 uses, it can last for a really long time. But, if after a while you damaged your Coconut Bowl or you just decided you want a new one? What should you do with the old one?
Just reuse it as a plant vase, a storage for your favorite jewelry, a shelter for a small pet or use your imagination to reuse it the best way possible. Ah and please always share your creativity with us on Instagram! Even if you don't want to reuse it, our Coconut Bowls are biodegradable so you can just leave them in some bio container.


Supporting local producers

Our Coconut Bowls are made by talented artisans from Pemenang village in North Lombok, Indonesia. We make sure to support small local communities, helping them understand that sustainability is the best way to go for us and our environment. The coconut shells are provided from farmers to the artisans, that will clean and polish them the best way possible.

Reusing the shells provides a new product for farmers to sell and creates new jobs for artisans. Most of these artisans are local women that before were working in stone mining. Now they have better work and life conditions. This snowball effect of happiness makes us even more excited to help these amazing people!

Sustainable Farming

Coconut trees are amazing! Here in Indonesia, you see them everywhere! We like to call them Best-Friend-Tree’s, because they grow next to different trees like the banana or papaya tree, to avoid Monoculture farming. Coconut trees don't need pesticides, especially if they aren't in big productions, that's why we make sure to support small community farmers.

We are proud to say that our coconut suppliers have their production process, certificated by “Indonesia Sanitarian Quality Control”. This means you can trust in the quality and sustainability of our coconut products. By the way, coconut trees are planted by hand, which means no noisy tractors.



Their versatility makes them even more sustainable. From this fruit, you can get a flavored water that is considered an amazing hydration method, and eat their tasty meat or use it on your everyday cooking. Another special thing from the coconut is the oil. Coconut oil can be used for cooking, hair, and body treatments or even to bleach your teeth (splash in mouth for 5 min every morning).

Another good example is, that coconut oil can be used as a biodiesel reducing the effects of petroleum products on air and soil pollution. After this multi-tasking-life, coconuts can continue their journey in the form of bowls, making this cycle even more perfect!

So next time you eat from your Coconut Bowl, remember all the good things it did so far and all the stories it must have.

From the moment it was planted until it finds the way into your hands.


If you want to keep supporting this sustainability cycle,
get your own Coconut Bowl.

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