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Kids Stories - Turtle Tim

"Once upon a time there was a turtle called Tim 🐢

Tim, lived on the turtle island in the pacific ocean🏝

Coconut bowl Kids

On this island live one billion turtles. Each one looks exactly the same. Green skin and a brown shell. Just like they should look like.

One day Tim went for a swim in the waterfall 💦 So he put his shell on a rock and went for a swim. It felt amazing! But when he came back, his shell was gone!

It must have floated away with the current of the river. He felt so ashamed and thought "Now the turtles will all make fun of me". So to not go back naked, he took an old coconut shell that he found 🥥

He thought "Maybe no one will notice the difference".

Coconut Bowl kids

He arrived back at the turtle village and he immediately heard one yelling:

- "Look at his shell!" Said one of his friends.

 Tim wanted to run away, but then something unexpected happened. The one billion turtles gathered around him and admired his new shell. Everyone was amazed with how beautiful and unique Tim's new shell was.

The next morning every turtle of the island showed up with a completely different shell. One of them was made from a rock, another one from seagrass or even from a pineapple.

And this is how the turtle island became the island with the most diversity of shells 🌈

To honor the day of Tim and his creative idea with the coconut shell, the turtles carved the shape of Tim on every coconut they could find on the island.

And this Coconut Bowl is the shell of one of these coconuts."



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