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11 Fun facts about Coconuts

We just want you to love Coconuts as much as we do!

They are super useful in many different ways and today we want to escape the serious subjects and give you some fun facts about Coconuts, Enjoy!


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1. The World Coconut day

The World Coconut day on the 2nd of September, was established in 2009 to celebrate the benefits of the Coconut.
The day highlights the importance and usage of Coconuts. Don’t forget to celebrate that day!

2. A Coconut can travel long distances

A Coconut can travel up to 100 days on the ocean’s tide and still germinate. Because of their water-resistance, coconuts are able to stay afloat over the ocean. That’s why they can be found all over the Pacific, the Indian Ocean regions, and Africa.

3. The Coconut flag

The flag of the Indonesian Scouting Organization, uses the symbol of a coconut tree. It symbolizes the philosophy of a true Scout, who must make him/her self useful in all aspects of life like the Coconut tree is for Indonesian people every day.

4. Coconut Oil for dogs!

Coconut oil has the same benefits for dogs as it has for humans! It improves any dog's skin, coat, and digestion, and can reduce allergic reactions.

5. Coconut water can be a substitute for blood plasma.

Coconut water can be a substitute for blood plasma. The high level of sugar and other salts make it possible to add the water to the bloodstream. Coconut water was known to be used during World War II in tropical areas for emergency transfusions.

6. Warning!

Falling coconuts kill 150 people every year – 10 times the number of people killed by sharks.

7. Portuguese named the Coconuts

The sailors aboard Portugal’s ships gave the coconut its name. They called it “Coco”, because it reminded them of an ugly face, with rough hair. When the “coco” came to England, the suffix of nut was added and that’s how the name came about.

8. "Hawaian" Coconut Bra

The coconut bra, is actually not native to Hawaii but a western idea.

9. Coconut trees are huge!

The coconut tree can grow up to 82 feet (25 meters) high. Coconut trees can flower up to 13 times a year, producing a harvest of as many as 65-75 fruits per year.

10. Coconuts are everywhere

In 2016 there were over 60 million tons of coconuts produced worldwide. The largest producers of coconuts are Indonesia, Philippines and India.

11. A coconut has three layers

The coconut that is found in western supermarkets doesn’t look the same as the ones growing on the tree. An untouched coconut has three layers.

The outermost layer, which is typically smooth with a green or yellow color, is called the exocarp. The next layer is the fibrous husk or mesocarp. The last one is called endocarp, which surrounds the seed.

Generally speaking, when you buy a coconut at the supermarket the exocarp and the mesocarp are removed and what you see is the endocarp.


The coconut tree is just an amazing natural resource.

In some countries like Indonesia, they are considered the Tree of Life, providing lots of essentials to their population.

We are becoming more and more addicted to Coconuts!
We can eat them, drink their freshwater, and finally use their shells to make beautiful Bowls.
There are so many ways to use the Coconut, that’s why they are so sustainable and good for our environment!

Get your Coconut Bowl now!



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