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10 Fun Facts about our boho towels

We know how much you love our "10 Fun Facts"! We got plenty for you!
This time about our Sarongs.

Find out how important the Sarong and the skill of handweaving in Lomboks tradition is.


1. Traditional clothing

The sarong in Lombok is the traditional clothing for women and men.

2. First education

Women start learning the art of handweaving before even going to school.

3. Skill to get married

A young woman must know the art of handweaving before she can get married.

4. Sarongs for the bride

When a man wants to marry a woman, his family has to offer up to 90 handwoven sarongs to the bride's family. 

5. Only one sarong for the groom

The woman offers her future husband only one sarong. Her first handwoven sarong (we think that’s a very cute gesture).

6. Handweaving at home

While driving through villages on Lombok you will see many women handweaving in front of their home.

7. The last Sarong

When Sasak people die, they get buried in a simple, white sarong without any pattern.

8. 10 ways to use a Sarong

There are at least 10 ways to use the sarong.

9. Named by beaches

All our Sarongs are named by our favorite beaches in Lombok. Mawun, Tanjung Aan and Gerupuk.

10. Perfect size

Our sarongs are huge! You can at least fit 2 people on it. Or use it alone to get enough distance from other people. 


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