Boho Wall Hanger - Ibu
Boho Wall Hanger - Ibu
Boho Wall Hanger - Ibu
Boho Wall Hanger - Ibu
Boho Wall Hanger - Ibu

Boho Wall Hanger - Ibu

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Boho Wall Hanger

100% Natural materials
Natural Colors
Bamboo stick
Banana leaf rope

Each Boho Wall Hanger is handwoven by the local women of Ende village. The women produce these towels every day as part of their culture and each towel takes several days to be produced. On the towel it tells the story of the daily life in their village. For example that the men sleep outside the house and the women inside, when the cock climbs to the roof it means that it's night and it's also the time to pray, the traditional Lumbung where they store their rice is also part of the towel. To make the yarn stronger, they cook it in rice. When you pay attention you can even see small rice corns that are woven into the towel.

This towel is more than just decoration, it's culture, it's authentic and a very good storyteller. 

You should not wash this product with water since it's made with natural colors that get out very easy.

Please take note that all the products are handmade and small irregularities can appear.

Care Instructions

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