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Introducing Paula Cordeiro

A strong Women.
A strong Word.

And now, a strong part of our blog.

Paula Cordeiro Sasak Market

We are so happy and grateful to have Paula Cordeiro involved in our project. With her strong values in life, her unique view of sensitive topics and the power of herwords, we appreciate to welcome her on board of Sasak Market.

Paula, also known as Urbanista, started to share her thoughts in sort of blog posts and a podcast channel back in 2015.

Since then, her community is growing every day. We understand why.

Reading her posts make you live a more conscious, a better and a happier life. They give you this certain feeling, that you can change the world to a better place. She makes you want to ask strong questions of life and makes you grow as a very unique personality. 

We are happy that Sasak Market brings us together with amazing people around the World.

In Paula we found another family member with the same values and she always gives us new aspects to think about. 

We are excited with the new posts to come. Her blogs will inspire, surprise and stay in your mind. That’s for sure!

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