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10 Fun Facts about Bamboo

Bamboo is just amazing! It has been used for thousands of years in many different applications and is one of the strongest natural resources on Earth!

After giving you Fun facts about Coconuts, we will share some fun moments and history about our close friend "Bamboo", Enjoy!

1. The fastest growing plant on Earth

Bamboo holds the world record for the fastest growing plant on Earth. Certain species of bamboo can grow up to 91 cm per day, which is almost 4cm per hour!

2. Why is it called Bamboo?

The origin of the word Bamboo comes from the Malay word "Mambu". Malay is the national language of Malaysia and Indonesia. In the late 16th century (1590-1600) the Dutch changed the name to "Bamboes" after which it got its Neo-Latin name "Bambusa".

3. You can eat Bamboo

You can eat bamboo. Yes, this super tasty and healthy plant is often used as a side veggie or as the filling of spring rolls. Keep an eye out for it when traveling around Asia or at an Asian restaurant near home. 

4. Bamboo Survived the Hiroshima radiation

Did you know that Bamboo can tolerate extreme conditions that most plants cannot? Bamboo was the only plant to survive the radiation of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima, Japan in 1945. The incinerating heat destroyed all trees and other plant life, except for one bamboo grove. The grove has since been removed, but culms from the grove are preserved in a museum in Hiroshima.

5. Is Bamboo a tree or grass?

Bamboo is actually a type of grass but many of the larger woody bamboo species look more like a tree and are often called "bamboo trees".

6. High Bamboo!

The bamboo species Dendrocalamus sinicus is considered the largest bamboo in the world reaching 40 m in height and 30 cm in diameter.

7. Bamboo train

In parts of Cambodia people have made their own trains out of bamboo after regular services stopped running. Nowadays, it has become a tourist attraction and a great place to visit whenever you are in Cambodia.

8. One of the strongest natural resources

During World War II, the British Government covered the Taj Mahal with Bamboo scaffoldings to protect it from German Bombers.

9. Music was born on Bamboo

According to a Chinese legend, music was invented in 2697 B.C., when the Emperor Huang Ti send Ling Lun to cut bamboo poles that would produce a sound matching the call of a Phoenix bird.

10. Bamboo T-shirts

Yes you can create fabric from Bamboo similar to linen. Bamboo fabric has lot of unique properties that make it an amazing eco-friendly choice for clothes. It has a natural sheen and softness which makes it non-irritating and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. 

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