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Coconut Bowl Care Instructions

Coconut Bowl is a product from Nature. Every bowl is different from one another, which makes them so special and unique just like you!

Eating from a Coconut Bowl is a great way for you to make a positive environmental and ethical impact since our bowls are made from coconut shells that usually will get burned for being considered waste.

Although they are super fun and stylish, we want you to enjoy them as much as you can! For that, we give you a guide, on how to take care of your Coconut Bowl 😊


Hand washing

Never leave your bowls dirty! Clean them after every use by hand washing them in lukewarm soapy water, and you can also use a nice loofah sponge.  Don’t soak them for too long and never put them in the dishwasher.


Keeping the beauty

After 10-20 uses you should polish your Coconuts Bowls with 100% natural coconut oil to keep them beautiful and fresh. You can also use other natural oils like flaxseed oil. Simply scoop a spoonful of oil and apply it directly to the bowl. Polish the inside and outside surfaces with a cloth, and always have your bowls prepared for special occasions.




You can eat cold and warm food out of your bowl, but we advise to always prepare your bowl by first rinsing it in either cold water or warm water, depending on what temperature you will eat.
Never be aggressive with your Coconut Bowl! They don't like extreme temperatures so boiling or freezing food/liquid is not welcome, and never put them in a microwave, oven or refrigerator. All these things can decrease the durability of your bowl and sometimes can crack them.

So just follow these basic instructions to make sure your Coconut Bowl stays strong and beautiful for many years!

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