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10 Ways to use your Boho Towel

We are just amazed at how versatile, lightweight, and durable these towels are!

Find out how to use your Boho Towel in 10 different ways!

We are sure you will learn (at least) one new way of using your towel.

Beach Towel

Are you ready for this summer? Do you have the perfect towel for long beach days? Head to your favorite beach and rest on our soft Boho Towel.
Our Boho towels are light and will dry your body with style! We love using the Mawun designs, at the beach.

beach towel sasak market

Table Cloth

Preparing a last-minute brunch for your friends? Place your towel to create a nice table setting. Just make sure they don’t spill their coffee on it. We guarantee that the food will taste a lot better with an eye-catching Boho Towel underneath.

table boho sasak market

Use it as a Sarong

Still, wet from your swim and don’t want to get dressed? Just tie your Boho towel above your chest as a dress or around your hips as a skirt. Ready to go!

Beach turkish towel

Home Decor

Even if it’s not the right season for your towel, doesn’t mean it wants to be forgotten. It loves to show off! On shelves, baskets, hooks, or ladders it will give that Boho look that you’re looking for.

Our customers love to hang them on the wall above their bed or just on any empty wall that needs more personality.
There’s no reason to hide your towel! You can even place it as a pretty curtain in your house.

Home decor sasak market

Wrap your baby

Yes! As it is presented by our youngest customer, named Luz Mara, Boho towels can be used to carry your little miracle. A towel is always useful with kids, so pack one along and use it to protect kids from the sun or rain, or just have it for them to play around with.

baby sasak market

Lila and Luz, Photo by @oliveiracarvalho25

Throw Blanket/Pillow

Having a lazy Sunday? Make a cup of tea, prepare your favorite smoothie Bowl, and go relax on the couch! Wrap yourself into one of our Boho towels to be cozy or just use it as a pillow.

Throw blanket sasak market

Shopping Bag

Keep it Minimal and Simple. After a nice beach day go to your favorite local market and fill your towel with some yummy groceries. Yes, your towel can turn into a Boho style shopping bag, isn't that amazing? Be sustainable with style and avoid plastic bags.

shopping boho style

Yoga Mat Cover

Instead of bringing a boring sports towel to your yoga class, you can bring something more stylish and fresh. Our Boho Towels are perfect to support your knees or your head while doing the ‘Sirsasana’. In the end, use it to cover yourself during the ‘Savasana’. Their pattern design will surely give you some smoother flow on your practice.

yoga boho towel

Picnic Blanket

Picnic fan? At the lake, beach or in your own garden. Use a Boho towel or two on the ground. After eating, shake it off, roll it up and you're good to go.

picnic blanket sasak market

Visiting Temples

In most religious places it’s required to cover shoulders, knees, and other parts. If you plan to visit some temples on your next travel, always take your towel with you.
Just cover your body with some Boho vibe, while respecting the local culture.

Travel expert tip: Take your towel in your hand luggage to wear it as a scarf or use it as a blanket in cold air-conditioned places such as the airport or airplane.

boho sasak market temple

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